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The Voice of Experience

Since the early 1980’s, our strategic and creative footprints have extended from the Sydney Fish Market (Sydney’s second largest tourist attraction) to famous integrated tourism developments, Great Barrier Reef islands, resorts and hotels, to golf courses, marinas, Australia’s largest theme park, airports, Australia’s largest community clubs, family entertainment centres and authentic indigenous cultural attractions, to name a few.

Our best-known work includes participating in Bob Oatley’s transformative repositioning, rebuilding and relaunching of the spectacularly successful ‘new’ upmarket Hamilton Island; chairing the tourism promotion of the Sunshine State of Queensland; the launch of I still call Australia Home for Qantas, and; Tourism Australia’s iconic Shrimp on the Barbie USA tourism campaign.

Tourism Think Tank.  The voice of experience.

Sectors we’ve been immersed within for decades

  • Advertising and media. Including co-founding Mojo Australia Advertising in 1979
  • Advocacy and tourism advice to all three levels of government, including chairing both the Australian Tourist Commission (now Tourism Australia) and Tourism Queensland
  • Traditional and 21st century media and technology, especially the digital revolution’s massive disruptive ‘instant gratification’ impact on global tourism
  • Community and local stakeholder engagement, particularly regional city re-birth and transformation
  • Endless consumer and desktop tourism research
  • Keynote public speaking
  • Mentoring and facilitating tourism strategy creative workshops and conferences
  • And – more recently- advising the tourism research team at Griffith University’s Institute for Tourism.

We’ve led innovative and disruptive ventures, helped transform businesses, institutions, and regional cities, and helped build tourism brands that impact on millions of people every day.

We tell it like it is

We jealously guard our reputation for candid and impartial professional advice. We’ve learnt the hard way that by trusting our experience-based intuition, imagination and creative insight – aided by stakeholder engagement and qualitative consumer research – we usually land on the right strategy and the right outcome.

Having famously adopted the ‘Intuitive Leap’ as a basic tool, Albert Einstein would have agreed:

“I believe in intuition and inspiration. At times I feel certain I am right while not knowing the reason.”

 “Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience.”