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Successful City Rebranding

Cities have increasingly realised the value of creating a distinctive and enduring brand image to attract residents, tourists and business. Many have turned to overhauling their existing brand in the quest for a more impactful, contemporary and authentic positioning....
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Rebranding Iceland: Inspired by Iceland – How They Did It

After a natural disaster and economic collapse, Iceland needed an unconventional campaign to revive its largest industry: tourism. The Island embarked on a multi-year social media campaign that has generated double-digit growth year over year. In half a decade,...

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Place Branding and Interactive Digital Experiences

Innovative interactive digital experiences now form an important component to be integrated as part of any digital marketing campaign for Place Branding of a City or Destination. The integration of these interactive experiences provides an opportunity for deeper...

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Designing Optimal Place Brand Experiences

Given the key global priority placed on authentically unique cultural experiences by Millennials, any City or Destination Place Branding Strategy should focus on the quality, uniqueness and emotional uplift of those experiences; the joy of mixing and engaging with...

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Integrating Millennials With City Activation & Experiences

To effectively meet the Millennial target market, it is important within any broader Place Branding Strategy Rollout to develop a broader array of experiences and temporary and permanent activation of areas of the City or Destination that respond to their specific...

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