Common to virtually all of humanity is the insatiable yearning for cultural immersion into entirely new and exciting experiences when they visit another country. A wanderlust that is part of our visceral fabric; indelibly imprinted in all human DNA.

Experiences that are authentically unique to the visited country’s culture, and which bring coveted status and instantly posted social media “look at me!” bragging rights.

For today we live in the Experience Economy. An economy in which “experiences are as different to services as services are to goods.” (Harvard Business Review)

From the typically female, high-yield Chinese millennial tourist (the most keenly targeted of all the globe’s 1.235 billion international travellers in 2016) to the additional 6 billion or so domestic tourists, TTT constantly monitors the rapidly evolving global demographic and social trends impacting on such a richly tourism-literate and vast consumer market.

Today, more than ever, embracing genuine breakthrough creativity and ingenuity to differentiate new quality tourism infrastructure, experiences and brands to the hugely competitive and discerning world tourism market is of critical, uncompromising necessity.

TTT’s Voice of Experience is the one-stop-shop that fills that crucial role, and is truly the new paradigm in professional tourism advice in Australia today.